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The Forex Trading Journals’ Review Protocol

Welcome to Forex Trading Journals, a distinguished online platform dedicated to evaluating proprietary trading firms and forex brokers. As a credible resource in the industry, our mission is to provide discerning insights into top-tier performers, offering a comprehensive review of established entities within the prop trading and forex brokerage services.

We have evaluated and analyzed more than 20 proprietary trading firms and more than 30 brokers globally, meticulously going over each one with a thorough examination of over 1200 data points. The main objective is to provide you with the knowledge and ability to choose the best forex broker and proprietary trading firm for your needs.

At Forex Trading Journals, our commitment to unwavering reliability and impartiality is non-negotiable. All the information disseminated is grounded in robust data sources, ensuring a foundation of transparency and objectivity. Having worked in the finance industry for more than thirty years combined and receiving great feedback from readers, we take great satisfaction in creating the foundation for your Forex Trading Journals experience.

In order to maintain the highest standards, we continuously improve our technique, fine-tuning criteria with each iteration to accurately and thoroughly assess any brokerage service or proprietary trading firm in the constantly evolving financial industry.

Our Evaluation Metrics

We conduct a thorough review of proprietary trading firms, employing a standardized set of data points and criteria for an impartial and comprehensive comparison. Our data is sourced from practical experiences involving the initiation of challenges and active trading.

Consistently, we utilize an evaluation framework covering nine key areas for all proprietary trading firms and thirteen for every listed forex broker on our platform.

On an annual basis, our methodology undergoes refinement, incorporating insights from both our team and user community experiences. Presently, we scrutinize a total of 1200 criteria for each proprietary trading firm and forex broker combined, ensuring a thorough and up-to-date assessment.

CriteriasImportancePush the pointPoints
Performance MetricsIndicates the firm’s historical profitability and risk management.High profitability and effective risk management receive higher scores.300
Trading Platform and TechnologyAssesses the platform’s features, speed, and reliability.High-quality platforms with advanced technology earn more points.300
Risk Management and ComplianceEnsures adherence to industry regulations and effective risk controls.Stringent compliance and robust risk management receive higher scores.200
Training and Educational ResourcesReflects the quality of training programs and support for traders.Firms offering comprehensive education and mentorship get higher scores.200
Capital Allocation and FundingEvaluates the firm’s capital allocation policies and funding process.Variety of account types (standard, margin, etc.), Minimum deposit requirements, Funding methods (bank transfer, e-wallets, etc.), Withdrawal fees and processing times100
Market Research and Analysis ToolsEvaluates the platform’s tools for market research and analysis.Fundamental and technical analysis tools (screeners, news feeds), Advanced charting functionalities (backtesting, custom indicators), Economic calendar integration50
Order Routing and Execution QualityAssesses the platform’s order routing practices and execution quality.Order routing transparency (ECN vs. internalization), Slippage and order filling costs, Advanced order types (OCO, trailing stops)50
Customer ServiceEvaluates the quality and accessibility of customer support.Availability of support channels (phone, live chat, email), Response times and resolution efficiency, Multilingual support options100
Additional FeaturesConsiders unique features that enhance the trading experience.Fractional share trading, Paper trading accounts (simulations), Social trading tools or communities, Commission and fee structure100

Why we prioritize this methodology or review protocol?

Picking a forex trading platform can be difficult since there are so many choices available, each with different features and capabilities. Our FXTJ Review Methodology enables you the resources you need to successfully manage this complexity by offering an open, data-driven, and thorough framework for evaluation.
Here’s how this methodology benefits you:

Unbiased and Objective Evaluation

In contrast to subjective reviews that are based on the thoughts of the author, our technique takes a methodical approach. A transparent and impartial evaluation is ensured by the important set of criteria, each of which has a specific point allocation. By minimizing the impact of marketing claims and personal prejudices, this data-driven strategy lets you concentrate on accurate facts concerning FXTJ’s capabilities.

Data-Driven Insights into Key Performance Areas:

We give top priority to elements that are essential for successful forex trading, like a stable platform, quick order processing, strong security measures, and easy access to learning materials. By assigning points to various KPAs, we paint a clear picture of the advantages and disadvantages. With the help of this data-driven strategy, you can decide on the important things in the volatile forex market.

Informed Decision-Making Tailored to Your Needs

This method goes beyond just making a “good” or “bad” judgment. Rather, it draws attention to the unique features and capabilities. Whether you’re a beginner looking for educational materials and easy-to-use platforms, or a professional trader seeking advanced charting features and algorithmic trading assistance, this in-depth evaluation enables you to determine whether the firm matches your particular trading approach, risk tolerance, and financial objectives.

Focus on the Forex Market

This methodology isn’t a generic platform review template. Since the criteria are particularly designed for the forex market, you can be sure the review is relevant to your forex trading activities and will be useful. Beyond the basic elements of the platform, we explore areas such as margin trading offerings, order routing transparency, and availability of tools for market research and analysis that are especially helpful to traders.


We hope this detailed explanation of our FXTJ Review Methodology has equipped you with a clear understanding of how we evaluate forex trading platforms. This framework ensures a data-driven and unbiased approach, empowering you to make informed decisions when choosing a platform that aligns with your trading goals.

Remember, FXTJ serves as a platform dedicated to providing comprehensive reviews using this methodology. We don’t endorse any specific platform, but rather strive to present all the crucial information you need to make an independent and well-informed choice.

Explore our forex trading platform reviews conducted using this methodology. Gain valuable insights into various platforms and select the one that best suits your trading needs and preferences.

Happy Trading!