E8 Funding Review 2024

E8 Funding Review 2024

E8 Funding is a go-to choice forex prop firm for US and UK traders, as well as for traders around the world from many other countries. The features of fast profit withdrawal, an amazing trading dashboard, and very comprehensive trading education materials are at the core of their offerings for traders.

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E8 Funding is one of the most popular forex proprietary firms, funding over $3 billion to traders around the world. Commencing operation in 2021, this US based fund provider has successfully kept its reputation high in the community, as they have received more than 95% satisfactory feedback. Today we’ll go over my experience with the E8’s funded account.

  • 14 days free trial account
  • Helps to explore the depth of FX market to generate more profit
  • Offers MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms
  • Fast, user friendly set-up
  • No minimum trading days
  • Pays only through Plane.com(Bank Transfer) and riseworks.io(crypto)
  • Fees are a bit pricey compared to others
  • Inadequate safety and regulation
  • Live customer support is not available 24/7
  • IP address issue for payouts

Hello, Forex traders, I’m Eben Carter, a professional forex trader and chief trade analyst at Forex Trading Journals (FTJ). Our main purpose for this write-up is to present the inside-out facts and features in front of the traders with my legit experience with E8 Funding. We traded real money in order to help traders aid in decision-making, get funded, and make profitable forex trading journeys with them.

First, I would definitely say how I was netted in taking the decision to trade with E8 Funding. When I was assigned to find an emerging forex prop firm with a good track record and well acceptance in the trading community, I was quite puzzled to come up with a name. So I did some research, and E8 Funding took sight immediately as we browsed social media and different forex trading communities.

So as I stepped forward, I had to look down on them as a company to see if they were legit, had a strong funding backup, or if they really cared about the traders. The data I looked for in the first place is listed below.

E8 Funding Company Overview

💼 Business NameE8 FUNDING, LLC
👨‍✈️ CEODylan Elchami
📆 Year Founded2021
🚩 Address100 CRESCENT CT STE 700 DALLAS, TX 75201-2112
🏠 State of FormationTexas
® SOS Registration DateNovember 05, 2021
🔢 Texas SOS File Number0804058195
🏢 Registered Office Street Address4053 LIVELY LANE DALLAS, TX 75220
🆔 Entity/Taxpayers ID32079163724
📬 ZIP75201
🔻Maximum Daily loss5%
⛔ Maximum Loss8%
🔀 Profit sharesUp to 80%
📧 Contact Emailsupport@e8funding.com
⏳ Evaluation periodPhase 1: 30 days
Phase 2: 60 days

Face of E8 Funding

E8 Funding – Prop Trading Overview

👮 Liquidity ProviderPurple Trading Seychelles
💲 Minimum Deposit$138 (E8 Track)
💰 Account CurrenciesUSD, GBP, and EUR
🏦 Funding ModelsE8 Account, E8 Track, ELEV8 Account
💸 Scale Up PlanUp to 14%
💻 Trading PlatformsMT4/MT5
🛠 Instruments56 Forex and Stocks
⚖ LeverageMajor up to 1:100
Exotics up to 1:50
Commodities and Indices up to 1:50
Crypto up to 1:5
🕛 Evaluation periodPhase 1: 30 days 
Phase 2: 60 days
🥂 Profit Share$138
🎮 Free TrialAvailable
📲 Mobile AppUnavailable
☎ Support24/5
🔥 Coupons8%

The next step I focused on was to find out the account offerings and the conditions related to the fund possessed.

E8 Funding Account Types and Fees

E8 Funding offers 3 types of accounts: E8 Account, E8 Track, and ELEV8 Account. The E8 Account type has two modes: extended and normal. I traded in normal mode. However, the Extended mode offers more of a maximum trading day, additionally, a minimum trading day restriction, and an increased overall drawdown bar. But the extension doesn’t require you to pay more for the fees. I think the benefit that comes with the extended mode is just a more relaxed trading environment to get through the evaluation phases and get funded.

In my experience with the normal mode, I made a profit of $6,890, which was way more than the required target of $4,000 on a $50,000 phase-1 evaluation account. I’m not bragging about it, but I believe anyone who would attempt this evaluation phase would pass through it comfortably. But the condition is.. one must trade sensibly with a plan and a proper risk management strategy.

However, I chose the normal mode for the reason that it doesn’t require me to trade everyday; there is no real pressure on me, which also gave me the opportunity to set a solid trading strategy. That’s also resulted in my daily drawdown not going beyond $530. This was the highest daily loss I suffered, but I also recovered pretty quickly. 

My Phase 2 experience was quite relaxed; since the profit target is set close to half of Phase 1, it wasn’t really a pressure for me, and I believe it won’t be for you as well. It’s all about being sensible, compatible, and responsible.

My E8 Funding Phase Objectives (Regular: $50,000)

FeaturesPhase 1Phase 2E8 Funded Trader
Profit Target$ 4,000 (8%)$ 2,50080:20
Minimum Trading Days5 Days5 Days0 Days
Maximum Trading DaysUnlimitedUnlimitedNone
Maximum Daily Loss$ 2,500$ 2,500$ 2,500
Overall Drawdown$ 5,000$ 5,000$ 5,000 Scalable to $7,500 on Funded Stage
EAsFeel free to trade your heart out with whatever indicators float your boat. Whether you’re into discretionary trading, hedging, algorithmic wizardry, or expert advisors, it’s your call. But here’s the scoop: E8 Funding isn’t all that thrilled about super-speedy Expert Advisors (EAs). They won’t bug you unless a bunch of traders are rocking the same EA. However, I guess they’re all about spreading the risk buffet-style, you know? Just keep that diversity cooking!
Copy TradingE8 Funding is pretty clear on this one: they’re not big fans of copy trading and social trading. They’re all about traders sticking to one solid strategy. Jumping between different strategies while trading? Nope, not their thing. If they catch wind of any account doing that, they might just have to give it the boot—disqualify it, you know? So, it’s like they’re saying, “Stick to your game plan, folks!”
Refundable fees$ 338FreeRefund

E8 Funding Tradable Instruments and Spreads

E8 Funding offers a long range of tradable instruments, and apart from forex currency pairs, the other instruments include commodities, indices, equities, and different currencies. Before I opened my trading account with them, I looked at all the offered instruments and spreads. It helps to create a trading plan accurately.

List of Instruments and Spread

E8 Dashboard Tour

All things considered, E8 Funding has a very dynamic dashboard; you may sign up to see what’s in there for you, or you can peek at mine. They’ve got cool stuff like options for checking out orders, a leaderboard where you can see how E8 traders rank, and a slick funding center – that’s where we traders handle our funds and even make withdrawal requests. Oh, and don’t miss the list of tradable instruments right under the Funding Center.

Then I found the economic calendar there. Although I follow our Forex Trading Journals’ Economic Calendar, but it’s a nice gesture from them to integrate an economic calendar in the dashboard. And hey, you can also hop right onto the trading platforms from the dashboard—super handy!

However, I loved how they organized the dashboard and how it really looks. It’s not overloaded with a bunch of unnecessary stuff; they’ve kept it simple with just what you need. I’d probably give the dashboard a solid 9.5 out of 10!

E8 Payment Proof and Profit Split

Getting the payouts regularly is a concern for forex traders. With E8 Funding, it has never been the case for me so far. They were to share with me as much as 80% of what I made trading in their funded account. I made $5,171.25 during that time, and they disbursed me the payout of $4,137 within the next 7 days of the following month. 

Trader payout proof

E8 Funding Education, Tools, and Application

Choosing a forex prop firm requires a trader to have a number of benefits, including educational contents, tools, and a full-fledge, dynamic mobile applications. At least for me, it is important to have these checks.

Additionally, there is now a dedicated blog area for E8 Funding traders and enthusiastic traders, which can be accessed through browsing E8 Blogs. Here, the blogs function as a source of educational content and guidance. These are perhaps the most frequently requested questions in the trading community. Furthermore, this will support both beginner and seasoned traders in solidifying their trading strategy for a profitable trading portfolio.

However, we found a webapp for E8 Funding on iOS phones. Here is how it works:

E8 mobile Apps interface

Trading Assets and Instruments

E8 Funding offers 56 trading assets and instruments in total. Almost all the popular and tradeable currencies can be traded through the E8 Funded account. Moreover, other assets, like stocks of most popular companies like Apple, Tesla, Netflix, Meta and stock index like US100, US500, US30, and EU50 can also be traded. Commodities like XAG(Silver), XAU(Gold) can also be traded through E8 Funding. We could also trade the Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etheriam, Dashcoin, and Litecoin.

List of Tradeable instrumements

Reputation and E8 Funding Reviews

As Warren Buffett says, “Your reputation is like a shadow; it’s the result of what you do, but it’s also the most important thing to know about you”. E8 Funding’s reputation among the trading community is an important thing that I took into account before I invested the money. Additionally, I’ve personally reached out to different traders who have already traded with E8 Funding. This is how I do my homework before choosing a prop firm.

E8 Trader Testimonial
E8 Trader Testimonial

E8 Funding has an excellent rating on Trustpilot and Trustindex. Within more than 1400 reviews, the prop firm had 95% positive responses. Trustindex ranked them highly recommended as well, with over 150 positive responses. Although quite a few complaints were dropped against their service, E8 must admit and resolve the issues in order to be a more dependable prop firm for forex traders.

E8 Reputation on Trustpilot and Trustindex

 E8 Alternatives

Although E8 Funding is doing well in offering traders the best possible features and facilities, they now face a bunch of close competitors breathing down their necks. E8 Funding’s competitors are also providing attractive deals to attract clients and offering them a real profit dynamic.

FeaturesE8 FundingMyFundedFXFundedNext
Account Types2 Account Types (E8 Account and E8 Track)2 Account Types, 2-Step(Normal, Pro) and 1-Step3 Account Types, Steller, Evaluation and Express.
Profit TargetE8 Account:
Phase 1: 8%
Phase 2: 5%
E8 Track
Phase 1: 8%
Phase 2: 5%
Phase 3: 5%
Phase 1: 8%
Phase 2: 5%
Phase 1: 8%
Phase 2: 5%
Phase 1: 10%
Phase 1: 10%
Phase 2: 5%
Profit Target: 25%
Step 1: 10%
Step 2:
Phase 1: 8%
Phase 2: 5%
Maximum daily loss5%5%Evalustion: 5%
Express: 5%
Step 1: 3%
Step 2: 5% 
Overall Loss8%8%Evalustion: 10%
Express: 10%
Step 1: 6%
Step 2: 10% 
Minimum trading days5 Days (E8 Account – Extended)
0 (E8 Account – Standard, E8 Track)
1Evalustion: 15
Express: 10
Step 1: 5
Step 2: 5 
LeverageMajor up to 1:50
Exotics up to 1:50
Commodities & Indices up to 1:50
Crypto up to 1:5
1:100Evalustion: 1:100
Express: 1:100
Step 1: 1:30
Step 2: 1:100 
Profit Split80%80%90%
Account Opening Fees(Minimum)$138(E8 Track)
$228(E8 Account-$25,000 Fund)
$50(2 Step-Normal, 1 Step)
Funds $5,000
$49 (Evaluation Fund $6,000)
Account Opening Fees(Maximum)$988 (Funds $200,000)$1600 (2 Step-Pro)Funds 300,000$1099 (Swap Free Account, Funds $200,000)
EA TradingAllowedAllowed on ConditionsAllowed
Trade CopierNot AllowedAllowed on ConditionsAllowed
Weekend HoldingAllowedAllowedNot Allowed
News TradingAllowedAllowedNot Allowed
Trading BlogsAvailableAvailableAvailable
Educational ContentsAvailableAvailableAvailable

E8 Markets : Areas of Improvement

Customer Support

The kind of market E8 Funding operates requires 24/7 support, yet offering support for a limited time is quite regrettable, as this is the case for them, and I find it very contradictory to their promised service to the traders. So, if I encounter a situation during a market event or during the weekly off days when I must modify or reorganize my risk management plan and need the firm’s assistance, I’m unlikely to have them on my side if they only operate for a limited time.

What is E8 Funding Challenge?

An essential way to get funds from E8 is the E8 Funding Challenge. The two-phase challange requires a fee of $228 to participate. Hence, traders receive an account upon deposit, and the amount of the deposit determines the size of the account.
The E8 Funding Challenge offers the following four account sizes: $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, and $250,000. Additionally, traders have the choice of other account types, such as Elev8 Accounting, E8 Account, and E8 Track. Two types—Normal and Extended—are further classifications for each of them.
Nevertheless, the E8 Funding Challenge actively assesses traders’ skills on different levels through a thorough and easy-to-understand evaluation process.

Which Broker Does E8 Funding Use?

Purple Trading Seychelles is the broker for E8 Funding.

Does E8 Funding ask for any trading commissions? If yes, then how much is that?

Yes, E8 Funding does charge trading commissions. The commission fees vary depending on the trading instrument used. Here is the breakdown of the commission fees:

  • FOREX: 3 USD per LOT
  • INDICES: 3 USD per LOT
  • CRYPTO: 3 USD per LOT

Traders using E8 Funding for trading should be cautious of these commission fees. When calculating the total trading expenses, it’s important to take these costs into account in addition to others like spreads and overnight fees.


E8 Funding Review 2024 Details

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E8 Funding
Funding upto $400,000
Get 80% profit every month

Use Coupon to save on account fees
Account Fees
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Customer Support
3.3 Overall

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